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“The cover photos and feature article Felice created were an articulate and accurate account of my life. I’ll never forget Bill Hoehn waving my cover photo in the air before our meeting at the Village Church announcing to the class; ’Did you know Donna’s famous?!!’”

Dona Miano Former Head Teacher at Roger Rowe School, Rancho Santa Fe

“Felice’s area of expertise is a great benefit to our community. The amazing men and women she highlights bringing powerful branding to all forms to our beautiful area in arts, culture, philanthropy, fashion, medicine, nutrition and service. I can depend on her to be a great learning resource and inspiration.”

Susan Leonard -Susan Leonard Lane, Public Relations Director, Rady's Childrens Hospital

“Felice has helped our Rotary Club tremendously. We have had the highest number of new members this year. Her cover photo and feature article was a powerful and fun way to communicate little-known facts about what we do for the community.

Susan Callahan Former President of Rancho Santa Fe Rotary International